Albert Einstein Biography

Albert Einstein Biography

Albert Einstein Biography

Full Name: Albert Einstein
Pet Name: Albert Einstein
Date of Birth: 14 March 1879
Born Place: Ulm, Kingdom of Wurttemberg, German Empire
Education: Luitpold Gymnasium,
                   Eidgenossische Polytechische Schule (Swiss Federal Polytechnic School)  
Date of Died: 18 April 1955 (Aged 76)
Died Place: Princeton, New Jersey, United States
Nationality: Kingdom of Wurttemberg (1879-1896)
                  Stateless (1896–1901)
                  Switzerland (1901–1955)
                  Austria-Hungary (1911–1912)
                  German Empire (1914–1918)
                  Weimar Republic (1919-1933)
Home: Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium And United States
Father: Hermann Einstein (Salesman)
Profession: Physicist And Scientist
Spouse: Mileva Marić (1903–1919)
             Elsa Löwenthal (1919–1936) 
Children: Lieserl (1902–1903?)
                Hans Albert (1904–1973)
                Eduard Tete (1910–1965)
Alma Mater: University of Zurich
                       ETH Zurich
Invention: General Relativity And Special Relativity
                  Photoelectric Effect
                  Mass-Energy Equivalence
                  Theory of Brownian Motion
                  Einstein Field Equations
                  Bose–Einstein Statistics
                  Bose–Einstein Condensate
                  Bose–Einstein Correlations
                  Unified Field Theory
                  EPR Paradox
Institutions: Swiss Patent Office (Bern)
                    University of Zurich
                    Charles University In Prague
                    ETH Zurich
                    Prussian Academy of Sciences
                    Kaiser Wilhelm Institute
                   University of Leiden
                   Institute For Advanced Study
Fields: Physics
Doctoral Advisor: Alfred Kleiner
Thesis: Folgerungen Aus Den Capillaritatserscheinungen (1901)
Notable Students: Abdul Jabbar Abdullah
                               Ernst G. Straus
                              Nathan Rosen
                              Leó Szilárd
                              Raziuddin Siddiqui
Notable Awards: Nobel Prize in Physics(1921)
                            Matteucci Medal(1921)
                           Copley Medal(1925)
                           Max Planck Medal(1929)
                           Time Person of The Century(1999)

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