Biography Of P-Square (Peter Okoye & Paul okoye); Musicians, Anambra Sate Celebrities.

Biography Of P-Square (Peter Okoye & Paul okoye); Musicians, Anambra Sate Celebrities.

P-Square  is the  stage name adopted by the Nigerian R&B duo and identical twin brothers Peter Okoye and Paul Okoye. P-Square both attended St. Mulumba?s Secondary school Jos, Nigeria. While in the secondary School, P-Square became part of their school?s music and drama team. During the time in question, P-Square Idolized Micheal Jackson who they mimicked and learned his dance step over years. Eventually, P-Square formed a group with some other individuals, and adopted ?Smooth Criminals? as the name for the group in the year 1997. P-Square's great talent made them very popular in the Jos Metropolis in those days.

As years went by, P-Square registered at a music school in order to develop their music talent more. Their effort showed-off when they were employed to produce sound track for some home videos including Bitterness, Evas River, Mama Sunday and Moment of Bitterness.

After their secondary school, P-Square both got admission in University of Abuja to study Business administration. The other members of ?Smooth Criminals? also got admission into various other universities leading to P-Square forming their own group whose names metamorphosed from ?Double P?, to P&P, ?Da Pees?, and finally ?P-Square?. P-Square have over time been managed by several producers.

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