Elizabeth Goudge

Elizabeth Goudge

Elizabeth Goudge (April 24, 1900 ? April 1, 1984) was an English author of novels, short stories and children's books.

Born in Wells, she moved with her family to Ely when her father, a clergyman, was transferred there. When her father, Henry Leighton Goudge, was made Regius Professor of Divinity at Oxford, the family left Ely and went to Christ Church, Oxford.

Goudge's first book, The Fairies' Baby and Other Stories (1919), was a failure and it was several years before she authored Island Magic (1934), which is based on Channel Island stories, many of which she had learned from her mother, who was from Guernsey.

Goudge was awarded the Carnegie Medal for The Little White Horse (1946), the book which J. K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter stories, has said was her favorite as a child. The television mini-series Moonacre was based on The Little White Horse. Her Green Dolphin Country (1944) was published in the US as Green Dolphin Street, and was made into a film with this title which won the Academy Award for Special Effects in 1948.

A Diary of Prayer (1966) was one of Goudge's last works. She spent her last years in her cottage on Peppard Common, just outside Henley-on-Thames.


[edit] City of Bells series
A City of Bells (1936)
Towers in the Mist (1938)
The Dean's Watch (1960)
Three Cities of Bells (omnibus) (1965)

[edit] Eliots of Damerosehay series
The Bird in the Tree (1940)
The Herb of Grace (1948) aka Pilgrim's Inn
The Heart of the Family (1953)
The Eliots of Damerosehay (omnibus) (1957)

[edit] Novels
Island Magic (1934)
The Middle Window (1935)
The Castle on the Hill (1941)
Green Dolphin Country (1944) aka Green Dolphin Street (USA title)
Gentian Hill (1949)
The Rosemary Tree (1956)
The White Witch (1958)
The Scent of Water (1963)
The Child From the Sea (1970)

[edit] Children's books
Sister of the Angels: A Christmas Story (1939)
Smokey House (1940)
The Well of the Star (1941)
Henrietta's House (1942) aka The Blue Hills
The Little White Horse (1946)
Make-Believe (1949)
The Valley of Song (1951)
Linnets and Valerians (1964) aka The Runaways
I Saw Three Ships (1969)

[edit] Collections
The Fairies' Baby: And Other Stories (1919)
A Pedlar's Pack: And Other Stories (1937)
Three Plays: Suomi, The Brontës of Haworth, Fanny Burney (1939)
The Golden Skylark: And Other Stories (1941)
The Ikon on the Wall: And Other Stories (1943)
The Elizabeth Goudge Reader (1946)
Songs and Verses (1947)
At the Sign of the Dolphin (1947)
The Reward of Faith: And Other Stories (1950)
White Wings: Collected Short Stories (1952)
The Ten Gifts: An Elizabeth Goudge Anthology (1965)
A Christmas Book: An Anthology of Christmas Stories (1967)
The Lost Angel: Stories (1971)
Hampshire Trilogy (omnibus) (1976)
Pattern of People: An Elizabeth Goudge Anthology (1978)

[edit] Non fiction
God So Loved the World: The Story of Jesus (1951)
Saint Francis of Assisi (1959) aka My God and My All: The Life of St. Francis of Assisi
A Diary of Prayer (1966)
The Joy of the Snow: An Autobiography (1974)

[edit] Anthologies edited by Elizabeth Goudge
A Book of Comfort: An Anthology (1964)
A Book of Peace: An Anthology (1967)
A Book of Faith: An Anthology (1976)

[edit] Anthologies containing stories by Elizabeth Goudge
Dancing with the Dark (1997)

[edit] Short stories
ESP (1974)
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