Family Killed by the Plague ? Simon Jansen Van Arsdalen

Family Killed by the Plague ? Simon Jansen Van Arsdalen

B. 1627 in Nukerke, East Flanders
M. (1) 26 Mar 1650 in Amsterdam, Netherlands
Wife: Marritje Baltus
M. (2) 1658 in (probably) Flatlands, New Netherlands
Wife: Pieterje Claese Van Schouw
D. October 1710 in Flatlands, New York
Emigrated: 1653

The common ancestor of the Van Arsdalen family in America was Simon Jansen Van Arsdalen. He was born in 1627 to Jan Pauwelsz Van Aersdaele and Geertje Phillipsdr Haelters in Nukerke, East Flanders (which is now Belgium). Simon was baptized on February 27, 1628. He was one of at least 5 children. The family left Nukerke around 1642, moving to Gouda in what is now the Netherlands; it's been said that they left because of religious persecution. 

Simon was the only one in his family to migrate to America. While the others stayed in Gouda in the Netherlands, he moved first to Amsterdam, becoming a potter. There on March 26, 1650, he married Marritje Baltus. In 1653, he left his wife and two young children to go to the colony of New Netherlands; it was to be a venture involving his pottery business. But when he got word that a plague struck Amsterdam in November 1655 which killed his wife and children, he decided to stay in America permanently.

He settled in Flatlands (now a part of Brooklyn). In 1658, he married Pieterje Claese Van Schouw. Between 1659 and 1678, they would have six children. Simon held many offices in Flatlands. In 1661, he was magistrate, in 1686 he was church deacon, and in 1687, he took the oath of allegiance. He owned a lot of property in what is now Brooklyn, and in 1700 sold several lots in Gravesend to his son Cornelis.

During his life in America, Simon maintained contact with family members back in Holland. On September 9, 1698, he wrote a letter to his brother and sister in Gouda:

"My kindest regards be written to my so much beloved brother and sister; I let you know I received your letter from Aendries Wandelaer and that I understand the contents of it, I am pleased to say, however, that the accident your daughter has met with causes us sorrow, however, it is the work of God, that we ought to bear patiently; farther I let you know, that I, your brother, and my wife and children are in good health yet thank God for His grace and we hope to learn from you the same in due time; I wonder you didn?t write about our niece; farther I let you know all my children are married and each of them is living in a farmhouse that earns their livelihood; I sold my farm to my eldest son Cornelis, 33 years of age, has got five children, three sons, two daughters; my son Jan, 22 years of age, has got two sons; my daughter Geertje has got eight children; Janneken has got five children; Mettegen has got three children; they are comfortably off but they have to work which God commanded Adam; as for me, I stopped working since I am 71 years old now, my wife is 58 years of age and you, my brother, are, if I remember rightly, 60 years of age; God be pleased to give us a blessed end; I am in receipt of your son Jan?s drawing which pleases me very much; I gather from your letter your daughter?s [?] causes you sorrow and I can well believe it and if I knew you would be pleased I would come to your assistance; please let me know; I do not know anything more to write; I will send this letter along with Pieter Berrij; he is our son Jan?s (nephew/cousin), who knows us very well; you can send your reply along with him; as for Dries Wandelaer: he is not acquainted with us and for this reason he cannot inform of us; God be with you and be saluted heartily by me, Sijmon Janson van Arsdalen, your brother"

Simon died in October 1710 and was buried in the churchyard of the Flatlands Reformed Dutch Church.

Children by Marritje Baltus:
1. Sylyntje Van Arsdalen ? B. Feb 1651, Amsterdam, Netherlands; D. about Nov 1655, Amsterdam, Netherlands

2. Jan Symonsz Van Arsdalen ? B. Nov 1652, Amsterdam, Netherlands; D. Nov 1655, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Children by Pieterje Claese Van Schouw:
1.  Geertje Van Arsdalen ? B. about 1659, New Netherlands; D. about 1730; M. Cornelis Pieterse Wyckoff (~1660-~1730), 13 Oct 1678, New Utrecht, New York

2. Cornelis Van Arsdalen ? B.1665, Flatlands, New York; D. 19 Apr 1745, New Jersey; M. (1) Tjelltje Rynierse Wizzelpenning; (2) Aeltje Kouwenhoven (1665-1689), 16 Mar 1687, Flatbush, New York; (3) Marretje Dirkse, 2 May 1691, Flatbush, New York

3. Jannetje Van Arsdalen ? B. about 1667; D. Dec 1731; M. Gysbert Tunisen Bogaert (~1668-?), 16 Apr 1689, New York

4. Metje Van Arsdalen ? B. 1670; M. Evert Janse Van Wickelen, 27 Feb 1690, Flatbush, New York

5. Jan Van Arsdalen ? B. 1676, Flatlands, New York; D. 1756, Jamaica, New York; M. Lammertje Probasco (~1675-aft 1736), 1695

6. Maritje Van Arsdalen ? B. 1678, Flatbush, New York

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