James C. Maxwell Biography

James C. Maxwell Biography

James C. Maxwell Biography
Full Name: James Clerk Maxwell
Pet Name: James C. Maxwell
Date of Birth: 13 June 1831
Born Place: Edinburgh, Scotland
Education: University of Edinburgh
                   University of Cambridge
                   Marischal College
                   Edinburgh Academy, King's College London
Date of Died: 5 November 1879 (Aged 48)
Died Place: Cambridge, England
Citizenship: British
Nationality: Scottish
Residence: England
Profession: Scholar, Physicist, Scientist 
Fields: Physics And Mathematics
Institutions: Marischal College,
                     Aberdeen King's College London University of Cambridge
Alma mater: University of Edinburgh,
                      University of Cambridge
Notable Students: George Chrystal
Academic Advisors: William Hopkins
Invention: Maxwell's Equations
                  Maxwell Distribution
                  Maxwell's Demon
                  Maxwell's Discs
                  Maxwell Speed Distribution
                  Maxwell's Theorem
                  Maxwell Material
                  Generalized Maxwell Model
                  Displacement Current
                  Maxwell Coil
                  Maxwell's Wheel
Awards: Smith's Prize (1854)
              Adams Prize (1857)
              Rumford Medal (1860)
              Keith Prize (1869–71)

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