Stephenie Meyer: The Unauthorized Biography of the Creator of the Twilight Saga

Stephenie Meyer: The Unauthorized Biography of the Creator of the Twilight Saga

Stephenie Meyer: The Unauthorized Biography of the Creator of the Twilight Saga Review

The romance of vampire Edward and human Bella in the books Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn has captured the imaginations of millions of readers and become an amazing success story. No less amazing is the story of how an unknown Arizona wife and mother, Stephenie Meyer, became a superstar author.

            In this revealing biography, fans of all things Twilight will follow their favorite writer on her roller-coaster ride to bestselling author—from a childhood steeped in great literature, to a comfortable domestic life, and finally to that fateful dream one night that thrust Stephenie Meyer into a world she could only have imagined.

In this book you will discover:

* An exclusive interview with Stephenie’s creative writing teacher who reveals what kind of student she was

* The in-depth story of how Twilight started with a dream and became a reality

* The tension Stephenie experienced in writing Twilight in secret

* The challenges and pitfalls involved in her books reaching the silver screen

* Stephenie’s possible plans for the future

* And much more!


With eight pages of full-color photos, original interviews with people who are a part of Meyer’s life, never-before-revealed details, and info on all of her fabulous books, this biography is a must-have for every Twilight fan.

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