Biography HIRONOBU SAKAGUCHI (Final Fantasy)

Biography HIRONOBU SAKAGUCHI (Final Fantasy)

Hironobu Sakaguchi (1962) once served as the Director of Planning and Development for Square Co.., Ltd.. He is the creator of Final Fantasy game series. In 1991 he was given the honor of Executive Vice President and was recently appointed as President of Square USA, Inc.. In 2001, he founded he Mistwalker, which began operations three years later.

Sakaguchi jointly establishing Square Masafumi Miyamoto in 1983. The first games they are not successful. He then decided to create his last job in the game industry with the rest of the money Square, and called it Final Fantasy.
This game, beyond thought itself, it had skyrocketed, and he canceled his retirement plan. He then began the continuation of this game and now has made Thirteen Final Fantasy game. After the first six games are marketed, it is more eksektuif served as producer for this series and many other Square games.

Sakaguchi has a long career in the game industry with sales of more than 80 million video game units worldwide. Sakaguchi took the leap from games to film when he took the role as director of the film in Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, an animated film based on the famous game series Final Fantasy. However, this movie failed and became one of the greatest losers films in movie history, with losses of more than 120 million USD which culminate with the closure of Square Pictures. Sakaguchi then derived from executive positions Square. It also reduces the incidence of financial Square and eventually brought join rival Square Enix, Square Enix become. Sakaguchi and withdrew from the Square and founded Mistwalker with financial support from Microsoft Game Studios.

In 2001, Sakaguchi became the third man who entered the Academy of Interactive Arts and Science 'Hall of Fame. In February 2005 announced that the company Sakaguchi, Mistwalker, will work together with Microsoft Game Studios to produce two-game role-playing game for the Xbox 360.

Valuable lesson: From the beginning of careers, he experienced many failures, but he never gave up and finally created a series of "Final Fantasy" which was in the forward presence, even at the peak of his career he returned to face the failure of the controversial project (Final Fantasy: Spirit Whitin) which resulted in a demotion and the closing "Square Pictures" until his resignation from the Square.

But it was not the end of him, but a springboard for him to come back up.

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