Biography of the painter Frans Soemarto Mendur Light To State

Biography of the painter Frans Soemarto Mendur Light To State


Frans Mendur is the third child of a family of August Mendur - Mononimbar. Frank was born on 16 April 1913 in the village of Talikuran, District Kawangkoan, Manado. Since childhood, not just physically strong alone, but his character, his ambition, his ideals, the will and the spirit is also strong and brave.

At the very young age, Frans Mendur had dared to come out of his hometown and his family leave the neighborhood in order to fulfill his desire to follow people migrated from the new Java he knew on the ship that sailed to Surabaya. Javanese it is M.B. Sumoprawiro, which then makes Frans Mendur as his adopted son, by giving additional names FRANS Soemarto MENDUR. When in Surabaya, the nature and strong personality is growing. He loved to hang out with people, adventurous, and always look forward as a pioneer.

With the permission of the adoptive parents, Frans Soemarto Mendur go to Batavia (Jakarta) and met with his brother Alex Mendur. Alex was studying photography Mendur Soemarto Frans, Frans Soemarto Mendur to become a famous photojournalist. While to pursue his profession as a photojournalist, Frans 1930 Soemarto Mendur a member of the Indonesian Nation Party led by Dr. Atopic Dermatitis. Joined in 1934 and became one of the leaders of the United Party of Celebes. In 1935 a member of the Party of Indonesia Raya branch managers, in addition to his activities as secretary of the Youth Movement of the Solar Warawan Jakarta Branch.
Jakarta also Frans Soemarto Mendur met with the woman he loved so much and always with the Djamilah struggle, which eventually he married on June 10, 1937. Frans and Djamilah have two children namely Sumartini and Sumarjono, although previously Frans and Djamilah was blessed with three children but died in the hospital.
On August 17, 1945, Frans Soemarto Mendur Pegangsaan Road East is 56 and managed to capture the historic event, which is the reading of the Proclamation of Indonesian Independence manuscript. After independence was proclaimed Frans Soemarto Mendur still active in the struggle for Indonesian independence. Frans Soemarto Mendur leads Youth Movement and the Youth Pioneers API in Downtown Bloomington area, with the goal of disarming the Japanese, then the deployment period and spread pamphlets to the success of giants in the field Ikada Meeting on September 19, 1945. Frans Soemarto Mendur and some fellow journalists who had worked diharian Asian seized printing De Unie is then used as a means of struggle of Indonesia in the field of lighting, which then prints the Independent newspaper. Next Frans Soemarto Mendur alerting youth to join the People's Security Army Lieutenant Soepangat. Frans managed to cover events Soemarto Mendur movements respond landing Allied fighters.
In 1946, Frank moved to Jogjakarta Soemarto Mendur as one journalist Palace. At the time of the revolution, Frans Soemarto Mendur family living for 5 years in Jogjakarta, who at that time was made the capital of the State Government of Indonesia. Because it is considered an important function photojournalist then Bung Karno and the Sultan IX gives shelter in Kepatihan Jogja. Frans Soemarto Mendur also briefly joined the guerrilla army TNI Commander General Sudirman so Frans Soemarto Mendur managed to collect documentation of the photos are very important struggle.
There are many other forms of struggle Fras Mendur Soemarto either directly or indirectly during the struggle and after the struggle for Indonesian independence. Among the leadership of the People's Army Frans into Jakarta Raya located in Jogjakarta, became Chairman of the Board of Struggle Worship Rakyat Indonesia Sulawesi, became Chairman of the Indonesian Journalists Association Kring Jakarta, became Chief editor of magazine IPPHOS Repot Jakarta, and many more.
Dated 24 April 1971 on a fighter, photojournalist, reporter and managed to capture the moments of the famous Proclamation of Independence in Indonesia and in the international community, with the name FRANS Soemarto MENDUR, breathed his last.

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