Born on the Atlantic Ocean ? Sebas Jackson

Born on the Atlantic Ocean ? Sebas Jackson

B. 1643 at sea
M. 19 Apr 1671 in Newton, Massachusetts
Wife: Sarah Baker
D. 6 Dec 1690 in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Sebas Jackson has an unusual name that tells a story ? he was born to a family that was on a ship migrating to America. In 1643, Edward and Frances Jackson of London, England were on their way to the Massachusetts Bay colony when Sebas arrived. The name "Sebas" is said to be a variation of the word "seaborn." He was the youngest of eight children by his parents; his mother died when he was five years-old and his father remarried, having five children with his second wife.

The Jacksons settled in Cambridge Village (later known as Newton) and Sebas' father became the largest landowner there; in 1646 he bought 500 acres in the town. On April 19, 1671, Sebas married Sarah Baker of Roxbury and they had nine children born between 1673 and 1690. Sebas did some work for the community; he was "hogreeve" (hog keeper), constable, and surveyor of highways. But although his father was well-educated and owned many books, Sebas couldn't sign his own name.

When Edward Jackson died, Sebas received property from him in his will. His father left him 60 acres of the original 500, and this would be passed down for the next nine generations. The two-story house that was on the property was built in 1670 and measured 18 feet by 22 feet. Sebas enlarged it to 39 feet in length to accommodate his family. Shortly after the addition was complete, he died on December 6, 1690. He left the property to his wife and his youngest son eventually inherited it. The original house was torn down in 1809 and replaced with another house which is now a museum and a National Historical place. Sebas was buried in the East Parish Burying Ground in Newton.

1. Edward Jackson ? B. 12 Sep 1672, Newton, Massachusetts

2. Sebas Jackson ? B. 12 Mar 1674, Newton, Massachusetts; D. young

3. John Jackson ? B. 1 Mar 1675, Newton, Massachusetts

4. Sarah Jackson ? B. 8 Nov 1680, Newton, Massachusetts

5. Elizabeth Jackson ? B. 2 Mar 1683, Newton, Massachusetts; D. 4 Dec 1729, Newton, Massachusetts; M. Caleb Grant (1670-1718)

6. John Jackson ? B. 15 Mar 1685, Newton, Massachusetts

7. Jonathan Jackson ? B. 10 Sep 1686, Newton, Massachusetts; D. 1714, at sea

8. Mary Jackson ? B. 27 Dec 1687, Newton, Massachusetts

9. Joseph Jackson ? B. 6 Mar 1690, Newton, Massachusetts; D. 28 Jun 1768; M. Patience Hyde (~1691-1775), 28 Nov 1717

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