A New Life and Religion in Quebec ? Marthe Quitel

A New Life and Religion in Quebec ? Marthe Quitel

B. about 1638 in Rouen, France
M. 22 Sep 1665 in Château-Richer, Quebec
Husband: Barthélemy Verreau dit LeBourguigon
D. 25 Dec 1722 in Château-Richer, Quebec

Marthe Quitel was born in about 1638 to Denis Quitel and Louise Bénard in Rouen, France, in the parish of Saint-Maclou. During the 1660s, the French government was seeking to populate Quebec and needed females to migrate there, so they offered a deal to give young women free passage and the sum of 50 livres if they married a Quebec man. The women were called King's Daughters, and in 1665, Marthe became one of 89 to sign up.

Marthe arrived in Quebec City on July 16, 1665. Because she was a Protestant, she foreswore Calvinism in a ceremony the next day. At first Marthe was placed in the home of a ?bourgeois citizen? named Nicholas Marsolet. Then after only six weeks in her new home, she became engaged to Barthélemy Verreau dit LeBourguigon, a blacksmith. On September 22nd, they were married at the church in Château-Richer.

Marthe and Barthélemy lived in Château-Richer for the rest of their lives. Between 1667 and 1684, Marthe had nine children. After Barthélemy died on December 17, 1700, Marthe turned to her son François to take care of her in return for all of her husband?s land. She lived on until Christmas Day of 1722. After her death, her son had ?25 Masses celebrated for the repose of her soul.?

1. Antoine Verreau ? B.13 Jan 1667, Château-Richer, Quebec; D. young

2. Jeanne Verreau ? B. 15 Nov 1668, Château-Richer, Quebec; D. 22 Oct 1711, Quebec City, Quebec; M. (1) Pierre Cloutier (?-~1702), 16 Feb 1696, Château-Richer, Quebec; (2) Jacques=Baptiste Cauchon (1663-1726), 16 Apr 1703, Château-Richer, Quebec

3. Joseph Verreau ? B. 27 Jan 1671, Château-Richer, Quebec; D. 28 Feb 1671, Château-Richer, Quebec

4. Marie Verreau ? B. 18 Mar 1672, Château-Richer, Quebec; D. 25 Feb 1703, Château-Richer, Quebec; M. Pierre Dumas dit Langoumois (~1668-?), 16 Feb 1699, Château-Richer, Quebec

5. Marguerite Verreau ? B. 26 Apr 1674, Château-Richer, Quebec; D. before 1748; M. Jacques Boutillet (1668-1749), 12 Jan 1699, Château-Richer, Quebec

6. Prisque Verreau ? B. Sep 1676, Château-Richer, Quebec; D. before 1681

7. Barthélemy Verreau ? B. 13 Jul 1678, Château-Richer, Quebec; D. Jun 1718, Quebec; M. Marguerite Prieur, 13 Feb 1708, Château-Saint-Louis, Quebec

8. François Verreau ? B. 20 Mar 1682, Château-Richer, Quebec; M. Genevieve Gagné, 20 Jan 1724, Château-Richer, Quebec

9. Anne Verreau ? B. 10 Jul 1684, Château-Richer, Quebec

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