Engaged at The Age of 12 ? Anne Martin

Engaged at The Age of 12 ? Anne Martin

B. 23 Mar 1645 in Quebec City, Quebec
M. 12 Nov 1658 in Quebec City, Quebec
Husband: Jacques Ratté
D. 14 Jan 1717 in St-Pierre, Ile d'Orleans, Quebec

In the seventeenth century, there were different ideas about what age a girl could get married, especially in a remote colony like Quebec. Anne Martin was born in Quebec City on March 23, 1645 to Abraham Martin and Marguerite Langlois. They had come to Quebec in about 1620 among the first settlers; Anne was the eighth out of nine children.

When Anne was just 12 years old, she became engaged to Jacques Ratté, a 27 year-old cabinet maker. He had come from France and had been in Quebec at least five years. The agreement to marry was drawn up on August 19, 1657, with Jacques promising to bring 300 livres as a dowry. They were married on November 12th of the following year at Notre-Dame de Quebec. The young couple lived with her parents for at least the first six months.

While still in her teens, Anne gave birth to three children, all boys who died before the age of four. She went on to have nine more children, born between 1665 and 1686. Anne's father died in 1664 and left her 100 livres in his will. By 1667, Anne and Jacques moved to St-Pierre on the Ile d'Orleans, where they had a farm. Jacques died on April 8, 1699 and Anne died on January 14, 1717.

1.  Jacques Ratté ? B. 30 Dec 1659, Quebec City, Quebec; D. 31 Dec 1659, Quebec City, Quebec

2. Bertrand Ratté ? B. 10 Dec 1660, Quebec City, Quebec; D. 25 Dec 1660, Quebec City, Quebec

3. Michel-Joseph Ratté ? B. 25 Dec 1662, Quebec City, Quebec; D. About 1666

4. Marie-Anne Ratté ? B. 13 Feb 1665, Quebec City, Quebec; D. 25 May 1729, St-Laurent, Ile d'Orleans, Quebec; M. Ignace Gosselin (1654-1727), St-Pierre, Ile d'Orleans, Quebec

5. Jean-Baptiste Ratté ? B. 28 Nov 1667, Ste-Famile, Ile d'Orleans, Quebec; M. Madeleine Blouard (1682-?), 13 Oct 1698, St-Pierre, Ile d'Orleans, Quebec

6. Anne Ratté ? B. 16 Oct 1670Ste-Famile, Ile d'Orleans, Quebec; D. 25 Dec 1709, Chateau Richer, Quebec; M. (1) Jacques Trapanier (?-1706), 20 Feb 1691, St-Pierre, Ile d'Orleans, Quebec; (2) Jean Langlais, 8 Mar 1707, Chateau Richer, Quebec

7. Jacques Ratté ? B. 16 Jun 1673, Ste-Famile, Ile d'Orleans, Quebec; D. young

8. Pierre Ratté ? B. 11 Oct 1675, Ste-Famile, Ile d'Orleans, Quebec; D. 21 Mar 1721, St-Pierre, Ile d'Orleans, Quebec; M. Jeanne Nolin (1685-1733), 27 Nov 1702, St-Pierre, Ile d'Orleans, Quebec;

9. Genevieve Ratté ? B. 27 Jan 1678, Ste-Famile, Ile d'Orleans, Quebec; D. Nov 1754, St-Pierre, Ile d'Orleans, Quebec; M. Jean Sicard, 27 Nov 1694, St-Pierre, Ile d'Orleans, Quebec

10. Louise-Angelique Ratté ? B. 17 Jun 1680, St-Pierre, Ile d'Orleans, Quebec; D. May 1749, La Pocatiere, Quebec; M. Louis Martin (1671-1749), 12 Jan 1700, St-Pierre, Ile d'Orleans, Quebec

11. Ignace Ratté ? B. Aug 1683, St-Pierre, Ile d'Orleans, Quebec; D. Jan 1744, St-Pierre, Ile d'Orleans, Quebec; M. (1) Helene Bouchard, 10 Nov 1705, St-Pierre, Ile d'Orleans, Quebec; (2) Genevieve Langlois (1703-?), 13 Jun 1729, St-Pierre, Ile d'Orleans, Quebec

12. Guillaume Ratté ? B. 14 Nov 1686, St-Pierre, Ile d'Orleans, Quebec; D. Oct 1759, St-Pierre, Ile d'Orleans, Quebec; M. Marie-Madeleine Nolin (1690-1748), 4 Nov 1710, St-Pierre, Ile d'Orleans, Quebec

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