About My Blog Site

About My Blog Site

This blog is for the purpose of sharing information about my ancestors, which I've gathered from over 35 years of research. I have a heritage that is an American melting pot: Greek, Irish, French, English, Scottish, Dutch and several other European nationalities, plus some Native American. I'm endlessly fascinated with the combination of people who came together to make me, and I want to know as much as possible about them.

Many of my ancestors exist only as names and dates, but some have a story to tell, and for these individuals, I have written biographies. The bulk of the biographies come from three branches of my pedigree that trace back to 17th century North American colonies: New France, New England and New Netherlands. These people are fairly well-documented because many colonial records have survived. And since the people lived so long ago, they have a massive amount of descendants, some of whom have done extensive research on them. My New France and New Netherlands branches include some of the very first settlers there; my New England branch doesn't go back to the Mayflower, but has several people who sailed with the Winthrop Fleet in 1630. I feel lucky to be connected to so much history.

My biographies also include people who lived during the 18th,19th and 20th centuries. These people have a much smaller number of descendants because they're more recent, but at least a few people might benefit from my research. If nothing else, my blogs serve as a tribute to these ancestors.

Each post features the biography of one of my ancestors. I issue them in no particular order; I've made an index to help reference them. I hope that readers will get something out of my efforts. If anyone wants to offer information, or just to connect with me, please leave a comment. Thank you.

- Indentured Servant At Age 7 ? Phoebe Sayles
B. 1625 in Little Waldingtonfield, England M. (1) about 1639 in New Netherlands Husband: Hendrick de Boer Fallix M. (2) 11 Feb 1640 in New Amsterdam, New Netherlands Husband: Teunis Nyssen Denyse M. (3) 24 Aug 1663 in Flatbush, New Netherlands Husband:...

- Lived On Three Continents ? Juriaen Probasco
B. (probably) in Breslau, Silesia (now Wroclaw, Poland) M. before 1647, location unknown Wife: Heyltie Aertss D. about 1664 in New York Emigrated: (to New Netherlands) June 1654 on the ship Peartree Juriaen Probasco is believed to have been born with...

- The Beginning Of New York ? Joris Jansen Rapelje
B. 28 Apr 1604 in Valenciennes, Spanish Netherlands (now France) M. 21 Jan 1624 in Amsterdam, Netherlands Wife: Catalyntje Jeronimus Trico D. 21 Feb 1663 in New Amsterdam, New Netherlands Emigrated: 1624 on the ship Eondracht In 1624, Joris Jansen Rapelje...

- One Of The First Settlers In Quebec ? Pierre Desportes
B. about 1594 in France M. in France Wife: Françoise Langlois D. before 1634 in (probably) Dieppe, France Emigrated: before 1620 Nothing is known of the origins of Pierre Desportes other than he was born in about 1594 somewhere in France. We do know...

- A Suit From Samuel De Champlain ? Marin Boucher
B. about 1589 in St-Langis-les Mortagne, France M. (1) 7 Feb 1611 in St-Langis-les-Mortagne, France Wife: Julienne Baril M. (2) 29 Mar 1629 in St-Langis les-Mortagne, France Wife: Perrine Mallet D. 29 Mar 1671 in Château-Richer, Quebec Emigrated: 1634...