Lived on Three Continents ? Juriaen Probasco

Lived on Three Continents ? Juriaen Probasco

B. (probably) in Breslau, Silesia (now Wroclaw, Poland)
M. before 1647, location unknown
Wife: Heyltie Aertss
D. about 1664 in New York
Emigrated: (to New Netherlands) June 1654 on the ship Peartree

Juriaen Probasco is believed to have been born with the name "Probatski." He was originally from Breslau, Silesia (which is now Wroclaw, Poland), and was likely of Polish heritage. It is not known how he came to be living amongst the Dutch, or how he migrated to Dutch colonies in America.

Records show Juriaen was living in Recife, Brazil with his wife Heyltie Aertss; in 1647, they had a daughter baptised in the Reformed Dutch Church there. In 1654, the Portugeuse won control of the colony and the Dutch were forced to leave. Juriaen and his family traveled first back to the Netherlands, then on June 17, 1654 boarded a ship called Peartree bound for New Amsterdam. He was listed as a midshipman from Breslau, and on arrival owed money to a man named Hendrick Otten, who helped finance his passage.

Juraien settled in Brooklyn and turned up in several records between 1661 and 1663 involving local church proceedings, and the ownership of a cow, which was granted to Juriaen on the condition that he paid a certain amount of butter for it the following year. Another place he was mentioned was on a petition to construct a fence beyond the area known as Wallabout to protect the property of the residents there. This act led to the formation of the town of Bedford (now Bedford-Stuyvesant). Juriaen seems to have died about 1664 when his wife appeared by herself in records.

1. Margaret Probasco ? B. about 1647, Brazil

2. Christoffel Probasco ? B. about 1649, Brazil; M. Ida Stryker, before 1675, New York

3. Anneken Probasco ? B. about 1651, Brazil

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