Story Maestro Microsoft Bill Gates and Paul Allen
William Henry Gates III or better known as Bill Gates, born in Seattle, Washington on October 28, 1955. Bill's father, Bill Gates Jr.., Worked at a law firm as a lawyer and his mother, Mary, is a former teacher. Bill was the second of three brothers. Since childhood he had a hobby "hiking", even today these activities are still too often did when he was "thinking".

Small bill can easily get through the primary school with a very satisfactory value, especially in science and mathematics lessons. Knowing this parents Bill, then menyekolahkannya at a famous private school with good academic guidance, called "Lakeside". At that time, Lakeside had just bought a computer, and within a week, Bill Gates, Paul Allen and several other students (mostly later became the first programmer MICROSOFT) has spent all hours of computer classes for one year.

Bill Gates computer capabilities have been approved since he was still in school at Lakeside. Starting with his "hack" the school computers, changing schedules, and placement of students. In 1968, Bill Gates, Paul Allen, and two other hackers hired by the Computer Center Corporation. to be a tester security system company. In return, they are given the freedom to use the company computer. According to the Bill when it is they really can "enter" computer. And this is where they begin to develop skills toward the establishment of Microsoft, 7 years later.

The next Bill Gates the ability honed. Making the payment system program for Information Science Inc., is the first business. Then with Paul Ellen founded their first company called Traf-O-Data. They make a small computer that can measure the flow of traffic. Working as a debugger in kontrkator defense company TRW, and as a responsible computerization of school schedule, complements Bill Gates experiences.

In fall 1973, Bill Gates went to Harvard University and is registered as a law school student. He could very well attended, but just like when in high school, his attention soon turned to the computer. While at Harvard, his relationship with Allen remained close. Bill was known as a genius at Harvard. Even one of his teachers told him that Bill is a great programmer genius, but a man who sucks.

December 1974, when about to visit Bill Gates, Paul Allen read Popular Electronics magazine article with the title "World's First Microcomputer Kit to Rival Commercial Models". This article contains the first microcomputer Altair 9090. Allen then discussed with Bill Gates. They realize that the era of "home computer" will be coming soon and explode, making the presence of software for the computer - the computer is required. And this is a great opportunity for them.

Then in a few days, contact the manufacturer Gates Altair, MITS (Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems). He said that he and Allen, has made a BASIC that can be used on the Altair. Of course, this is a lie. Even they did not write one single line of code. MITS, who did not know this, very interested in BASIC. Within 8 weeks of BASIC have been prepared. Allen headed to present MITS BASIC. And although, this is the first time for Allen in operating the Altair, was BASIC can work perfectly. A year later, Bill Gates left Harvard and founded Microsoft.

The story of Bill Gates Harvard Leaving For Chasing Dreams

When he was bored with Harvard, Gates applying for jobs related to computers in the Boston area .. Gates, Paul Allen encouraged to try to apply as the program in Honey-well so that they can continue their dream to establish a software company.

On a December day in the freezing, Paul Allen saw the front cover of Popular Mechanics magazine, published in January 1975, the micro computer image of a revolutionary new assembly MITS Altair 8080 (small computer has become the embryo of a PC at a later date). Then meet with Gates and Allen persuaded him that they must develop a language for that simple little machine. Allen continued to say, Let us build a company. Let's do it.

We realize that the revolution can happen without us. After we read the article, no doubt about where we will focus our lives.

The two friends rushed to a computer at Harvard to write an adaptation of the BASIC language programs. Gates and Allen believes that the small computer that can do wonders. From there they also have a dream, the availability of a computer on every desk and in every household.

The spirit of Allen and Gates is not in vain. Starting from a small computer that is the fashion of all kinds komputansi. And now you can see that the PC has truly become the information age. And almost everyone knows Bill Gates as the richest man in the world today.

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