Biography Dahlan Iskan (Leader Newspapers Jawa Pos and Director PLN in Indonesia)

Biography Dahlan Iskan (Leader Newspapers Jawa Pos and Director PLN in Indonesia)

Dahlan Iskan (born August 17, 1951 in Magetan, East Java), in his book Heart of Change is an interesting story about the date, Dahlan said that the date is written solely by Mr. Dahlan because at that time there was no record of when his parents were born and also do not remember the date of his birth. And why Mr. Dahlan vote on August 17, due to coincide with the date of independence of Indonesia and so easy to remember.

Small Dahlan raised the rural environment of scarcity view, but very strong religious atmosphere. There is an interesting story I read in his book Heart of Change that describes how all his shortcomings as a child. Small Dahlan told there have only one pair of shorts and a shirt, but still has one glove!.
And the joke-joke pack fresh Dahlan told the greatness of his holster owned. Here he was told that the glove could be anything. Starting an instrument of worship, seeking sustenance, entertainment, fashion, health until it becomes a tool to frighten.

If small Dahlan again washing clothes, gloves can placed the upper body. Then again wash the pants, gloves can be made subordinate. Then again looking for the remains of harvest of soybean fields of the rich, it can be used as glove bags. If stomach again hungry and no food at home, a sarong can be fastened tightly dipinggang he became a reliable booster stomach. If you want to pray he became an important object unutk the Lord. If more cold, he became a blanket. If the gloves were still able to rip stitches. If the place was torn stitches again, still could be patched. If any torn tambalanya, gloves were not necessarily going to retire. Could still torn up again, large parts can be used as a pillow and a small part can be used as baby diapers. There are lessons we can learn from his story, that whatever our condition, good enough, enough or more we must remain grateful, patient, and should enjoy it all with what it is.

Dahlan Iskan With Jawa POS

Post Java was founded by the Chung Shen on July 1, 1949 with the name Java Post. At that time the Chung Shen is an employee of a cinema ad in Surabaya. Because every day he had to put an ad in the newspaper movie, a long he was interested in creating their own newspaper. After the success of its Java Post, The Chung Shen also founded the Mandarin-language newspaper and the Netherlands. The Chung Shen business in newspapers is not always smooth. In the late 1970s, the turnover of Java Post a sharp decline. In 1982, only oplahnya just 6800 copies. Newspapers others had already retired. When the age of 80 years, The Chung Shen finally decided to sell the Java Pos. He felt no longer able to take care of the company, while three children prefer to stay in London, England.
In 1982, Eric FH Samola, the time was the President Director of PT Grafiti Pers (magazine publisher) took over the Java Pos. With new management, Eric picked Dahlan Iskan, who previously was head of the Bureau of Tempo in Surabaya to lead Java Pos. Eric Samola later died in 2000.

Dahlan Iskan career began as a candidate for a newspaper reporter for a small in Samarinda (East Kalimantan) in 1975. In 1976, he became a magazine journalist. Since 1982, Dahlan Iskan leading Java Post newspaper today. Dahlan Iskan is a figure that makes Java Post, who was almost dead with a circulation of 6000 ekslempar, within 5 years as a newspaper with a circulation of 300,000 copies. Five years later formed Java Pos News Network (JPNN), one of the largest newspaper network in Indonesia, which has more than 80 newspapers, tabloids, and magazines, and 40 network printers in Indonesia. In 1997 he succeeded in establishing Graha Pena, one of the skyscrapers in Surabaya, and then a similar building in Jakarta. In 2002, he founded a local television station JTV in Surabaya, which was followed TV Batam in Batam and Riau in Pekanbaru TV.

Since late 2009, Dahlan was appointed president to replace PLN Fahmi Mochtar criticized for his leadership during much happening off the lights in the Jakarta area.In addition to being the leader of Java Post Group, Dahlan is also president director of two private power companies: PT Cahaya Fajar Kaltim in East Kalimantan and PT Prima Electric Power in Surabaya.

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