Biography Of Alicia Keys

Biography Of Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys


Alicia Keys or "Alicia Augello Cook", she was born on Jan 25, 1981 in Manhattan,  New York hill's kitchen. She is the only child of Theresa Augello, actress and paralegal to part-time and Craig Cook, hostess. Mother of Irish and Scottish English, original Alicia Keys and her father is African American, Keys, expressed the awkward with his biracial because he believed may (refer to different cultures). Her parents divorced when she was two and she was created by his mother in his regular activity in hell, Manhattan's kitchen.

Alicia Keys of the piano, built in the most of their works and often writes about emancipation of love, heartbreak and women. Alicia Keys have mentioned a few of the musicians as their source of inspiration, including Prince, Quincy Jones, Nina Simone, Barbra Streisand, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder and Donny Hathaway. Alicia Keys is music artist in the style of Gospel and soul, supplemented with percussion and programmed. She uses a very classical piano with R&B, soul and Jazz music style.

She has the right to vocal in the contralto, involving more than three octaves. Also known as (Princess of soul), recognized by the strong, raw and beaten with Alicia Keys, others believe that their voice is (emotionally manufactured) and sometimes she pushes its vocal with their natural range. A sign Alicia Keys is often criticized the lack of depth, which led to its ability to write is limited to the call. They have been trained and generic talks the songs revolve around the General. Chicago Tribune Greg Tarin Kowt, it considers (Multiform reached concerning try all kind of view instead of the artistic project). Jon Pareles of Blender magazine, that their theme songs for his lyrical weakness, while Gregory Stephen Tate of The Village Voice compared to the production of the music from the 1970s and Alicia Keys editorial. Album of songs in a minor, was a commercial success, selling more than 12 million copies worldwide. Sales success has become a new artist and best selling R&B artist, 2001, the Album earned Alicia Keys five Grammy Awards in 2002, including Best new artist and Song of the year by the "falline", their second album, The diary of Alicia Keys, was released in 2003 and also successful in the world, 8 million copies sold. The Album earned her the additional four Grammy Award in 2005. At the end of this year, she has made their first live album, Unplugged, which runs this number in the United States. Became the first woman to MTV Unplugged album debuted at number one and top from Nirvana in 1994.

She opened a recording studio in Long Island, New York, called oven Studios at it with his partner Kerry brothers Jr. composition and generation. The test was designed by the Architect Studio by John Storyk, Electric Lady Studios Jimi Hendrix project. Alicia Keys and her brothers are co-founders Krucial Keys enterprises, the production and composition of the team, which has helped Alicia Keys, creating their albums, as well as to create music for other artists. He made his debut in the movie smokin ACES, and then displayed in the nanny diaries in 2007. Her third album (As I Am), published in the same year and sold out 6 million copies worldwide, Alicia Keys for the other three Grammy. The following year, She appeared in the secret life of bees, which ensures that the time limit for the ADVANCEMENT of image awards. (Has released its fourth album, the element of freedom) in December year 2009 that becomes both albums Alicia Keys in Great Britain. Throughout her career, Alicia Keys has won many awards and has sold more than 30 million albums worldwide. Billboard magazine her named the top R&B artist of the Decade, Armageddon remained as one of the artists sold most of her time. The 2010 VH1 placed Alicia Keys in it's list of 100 greatest artists of all times.

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