Biography of Lawal Alasan Tambari

Biography of Lawal Alasan Tambari

Lawal Tambari
Lawal Alasan Tambari
Lawal Alasan Tambari was born on October  4, 1956 in Tambuwal local government of Sokoto State. He is an indigene  of Sokoto State.

He began his early education at Tundun-wada primary school Gusau, Zamfara state in 1970 and proceeded  to government secondary school Gusau Zamfara state in 1975. He thereafter attended  the prestigious Bayero University Kano where he bagged a B.Sc. in Political Science in 1980.

He  however began his working career at the Sokoto State Civil Service Commission in 1981 from there he was posted to Ministry of works and Transport and he served there between 1981 to 1982, he was later  posted to the Monitoring Division Department of Administration and Political Affairs office of the Governor as a monitoring officer, to supervise two ministries which are:
Ministry of Trade and Industries; Ministry of Social development, Youth, Sport and Culture from 1982 to 1983.

In 1983, he was posted to Ministry of Rehabilitation and Resettlement as senior Assistant Secretariat in 1983, and between 1983 and 1984 he was on secondment to the Sokoto State National Youth Service Corps as senior inspector.

In the year 1985 he transferred his service to National Directorate Headquarters of National Youth Service Corps Lagos as Principal Inspector, from there he was posted to Benue State NYSC Secretariat as Principal Inspector between 1985 and 1988. He later moved to the Federal Civil Service and was deployed to Federal Ministry of Social Development, youth, and sports, as Principal Personnel Officer on GL. 12 between 1988 and 1989.

He was prompted to the rank of Assistant Chief Personnel Officer by 1st July, 1990. Due to his hard work and commitment he was able to distinguish himself among his colleague and this led to his appointment as personal assistant to the Honourable Minister, Federal Ministry of Culture and Social Welfare between January, 1990 and 1992.

He was deployed to Federal Ministry of Health and Human Service as acting Chief Personnel Officer (Training and welfare) GL. 14 as a result of rationalization of federal Ministries in January 1992. While with the Ministry of Health, he was promoted to Chief Personnel officer (GL. 14) and posted to Abuja as a Liaison Officer to Federal Ministry of health.

Mr. Lawal A. Tambari has always been a dedicated and loyal civil servant, this led to his deployment to Civil Service Reform Panel (of Ayida) by Presidency as Chief Administrative Officer/ Secretariat staff. In the year 1997 he was promoted to the rank of an Assistant Director GL. 15, at this point he was deployed to Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs where he was posted to the Department of National Civil Registration (DNCR) 1998-2003.

He was posted internally to the Department of Planning Research and Statistics of Ministry of Internal Affairs to head the unit of Air Border patrol as Assistant Director between 2003 and 2005. As a result of his excellence in the various units and Departments where he served previously, he was posted to the Nigerian Immigration Service to head the Air Border Patrol Unit; theunit was transferred from the Department of Planning Research and Statistics to Immigration service (2003-2005).

The carrier journey still continued for the amiable Director and by the 8th February, 2006 he was deployed to Ministry of Aviation, Department of Safety and Technical Policy as Assistant Director, Staff Welfare. He was promoted to Deputy Director (Admin) with effect from 1/1/2005 and was deployed to the Federal Civil service Commission as Deputy Director Research and Statistics (2008-2009). From there he was deployed to Federal Ministry of Petroleum Resourcesas Deputy Director Planning, Research and Statistics.
When he became a Director, he was posted to the Federal Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development as a Director Special Duties Office of the Permanent Secretary (2009-2012). On 11th January 2013, he was deployed to Ministry of Defence as Director Planning, Research and Statistics.

Mr. Lawal AlasanTambari has successfully served and faced challenges in different capacities and has excelled in his career. He is happily married with children.


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