Gunsmith and Founder of Flatbush ? Jan Stryker

Gunsmith and Founder of Flatbush ? Jan Stryker

B. 1615 in Ruinen, Netherlands
M. (1) in the Netherlands
Wife: Lammertje Seubring
M. (2) 30 Apr 1679 in New York
Wife: Swaentje (Janse) DePotter
M. (3) 1687 in New York
Wife: Tuentje (Teunissen) Hellakers
D. before 3 Mar 1697 in New York
Emigrated: 1652

Jan Stryker (sometimes spelled Strycker) was born in Ruinen, Netherlands in 1615. He married Lammertje Seubring and they had 8 children (most of their birth dates are unknown). Jan was a gunsmith and made armor. In January 1643, he and his brother, Jacobus, were granted land in New Amsterdam by the Dutch West India Company, under an agreement they would bring twelve families to the colony at their own expense. It's not known how this offer played out, but in 1651, Jacobus migrated to New Amsterdam and Jan moved there in 1652.

Jacobus was a portrait artist, known to have done paintings of four people: himself, Jan, Adriaen Van der Donck and Governor Peter Stuyvesant. All were thought to be painted during the years 1653-1655. The portrait of Jan shows a bearded man of about 40 years-old, proud and confident. The painting is in the possession of the National Gallery in Washington, D.C., and in spite of a note from Jan's 18th century relative identifying the painting, they doubt that it's really a portrait of Jan or that Jacobus painted it.

On December 11, 1653, Jan was one of 19 New Amsterdam men who signed a petition going up against the conduct of Governor Stuyvesant. The signers wanted more representation in their government, and more of a say in the passage of laws and orders. The following year, Jan took the lead in founding a new settlement on Long Island called Midwout, later to be called Flatbush. He was appointed as one of two commissioners to build a church there, which would become the Flatbush Reformed Dutch Church. (It's still in existence today at Flatbush and Church Avenue in Brooklyn, though it's a more recent building.) Jan was chosen as chief magistrate from Midwout, a position he held for 20 years.

In August 1664, when the Dutch colony was dealing with the threat of a takeover by the British, Governor Stuyvesant requested that the towns on Long Island send over "every third man to defend the Capital from the English now arriving in the Narrows." Jan gave the answer on behalf of the settlements that it was impossible to do this because "we must leave wives and children seated here in fear and trembling, which our hearts fail to do, as the English are themselves hourly expected there."

Jan was elected captain of the military company at Midwout on October 25, 1673, with his brother Jacobus given the authority to "administer the oaths and to install him into office." He was named as representative in a conference to confer with Governor Colve at New Orange (some sources say New Amsterdam) on March 26, 1674. At this meeting, those who gathered resolved that at least some of their descendants should settle in what is now New Jersey to secure the area from being dominated by the English. Various parcels of land were purchased by companies, and many, including Jan, selected Somerset county for their future home. Nonetheless, Jan took the oath of allegiance to the English crown in 1687 along with most of the other Dutch men.

Jan's wife, Lammertje died sometime before 1675, and he married a second wife, Swaentje Janse, on April 30, 1679. She was the widow of Cornelius DePotter of Brooklyn. She died six year later, and Jan took a third wife in 1687, the widow of Jacob Hellakers, Tuentje Teunissen. It's not known exactly when Jan died, but it was before March 3, 1697. He was buried in the cemetery at the church he founded in Flatbush along with his first wife Lammertje.

Children (all by Lammertje Seubring):
1. Altje Stryker ? B. Netherlands; M. Abraham Jorise Brinkerhoff

2. Jannetje Stryker ? B. Netherlands; M. Cornelius Janse Berrian

3. Gerrit Janse Stryker ? B. Netherlands; M. Styntje Gerretse Dorland, 25 Dec 1683

4. Angenietje Stryker ? M. (1) Claes Tysen; (2) Jan Cornelise Boomgard

5. Ida Stryker ? B. Ruinen, Netherlands; M. Christoffel Probasco (~1649-?)

6. Pieter Stryker ? B. 1 Nov 1653, New Netherlands; D. 11 Jun 1741; M. Annetje Barends

7. Sarah Stryker ? M. Joris Hansen Bergen (~1649-?), 11 Aug 1678, New York

8. Hendrick Stryker

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