Married His Wife's Half-Sister ? Abel Kittredge

Married His Wife's Half-Sister ? Abel Kittredge

B. 14 Nov 1798 in Packersfield, New Hampshire
M. (1) 28 Jan 1824 in Nelson, New Hampshire
Wife: Sophia Lyman
M. (2) 29 Nov 1838 in Nelson, New Hampshire
Wife: Anne Marie Lyman
D. 13 Sep 1882 in Boston, Massachusetts

The son of a Revolutionary War soldier, Abel Kittredge was born on November 14, 1798 in Packersfield (later renamed Nelson), New Hampshire. His parents, Joshua Kittredge and Beulah Baker, had eight children; his father also had three daughters from an earlier marriage. Abel appeared on the records in Nelson, New Hampshire in 1822 as having joined the First Congregationalist Church. On January 28, 1824, he married Sophia Lyman, the adopted daughter of the church pastor, Reverend Gad Newell. They soon had two children, Sophia and Edward

Sophia became an invalid after the birth of their third child, Samuel Farrington. She weakened even more after giving birth to their fourth child, who died at the age of one year. She died May 2, 1838. Before her death, she had Abel promise her that he would marry her half sister, Anne. That wedding took place only a few months after Sophia's death, on November 29th. Abel and Anne had three children born between 1839 and 1849: Minot, Henry and Charles, who died young.

Book that belonged to Abel Kittredge

Abel lived on the land where his father had built a large house in the 1790s. Other family members lived on the land as well; presumably they all had their own houses. They included Abel?s brother Herbert and nephew Russell. It is known from a letter written in 1846 that Abel was constructing a house. "?the chimney is up so [the family] can use the oven, but the shed has to answer for the kitchen, parlor and sitting room." The letter also refers to how hard Abel had worked in "haying" season, and the fact that only one of his grown sons was available to help with the labor.

Sons Edward and Samuel left in 1849 for the California gold rush, and daughter Sophia married a minister from Maine the same year. By 1860, Abel lived in Boston with Anne, Henry, Minot and Sophia's child, Nancy French. He was listed with the occupation of ?marketman.? In the Civil War, Minot served in the Union army and fought in the battles of Chancellorsville and Gettysburg.

In 1870, Abel lived with his wife Anne in Nelson, but she died in 1879. The 1880 census showed he was in the Boston household of Nancy French, who was now married to George Hewes. A letter referred to a particular spot he always sat in the kitchen by a window. He died of pneumonia in Boston on September 13, 1882.

Children by Sophia Lyman:
1. Sophia Newell Kittredge ? B. 22 Nov 1824, Nelson, New Hampshire; D. 22 Dec 1900, Los Angeles, California; M. James Riddle French (1810-1857), 7 Aug 1849, Nelson, New Hampshire

2. Edward Lyman Kittredge ? B. 14 May 1827, Nelson, New Hampshire; D. 16 May 1906, Boston, Massachusetts; M. Deborah Lewis (1822-1906), 30 Nov 1854, Boston, Massachusetts

3. Samuel Farrington Kittredge ? B. 14 Mar 1830, Nelson, New Hampshire; D. 24 Nov 1907, Boston, Massachusetts; M. Marietta Prudy Fillebrown (1835-?), 24 Nov 1853

4. Charles Stone Kittredge ? B. 15 Dec 1835; D. 1 Mar 1837

Children by Anne Marie Lyman:
1. Minot Melville Kittredge ? B. 24 Nov 1839, Nelson, New Hampshire; D. 25 Jun 1903, Boston, Massachusetts; M. Martha E. Marsh (~1845-?), 19 Nov 1867

2. Henry Sumner Kittredge ? B. 23 Nov 1843, Nelson, New Hampshire

3. Charles Wheeler Kittredge ? B. Jul 1849, Nelson, New Hampshire; D. 26 Sep 1853

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