Norwegian in New Amsterdam ? Laurens Pietersen

Norwegian in New Amsterdam ? Laurens Pietersen

B. Before about 1620 in Tønsberg, Norway
M. 18 Aug 1641 in New Amsterdam, New Netherlands
Wife: Annetje Pieters
D. After 1663
Emigrated: about 1639

Laurens Pietersen was born probably before 1620 in the town of Tønsberg, Norway, a place described as the oldest present-day Scandinavian city. It's unknown why he migrated to America, but he was in New Amsterdam as early as 1639. On June 16th of that year, he was declared sole heir to the property of Roelof Roeloffsen.

Where Laurens Pietersen was from

Laurens married a woman from Germany named Annetje Pieters on August 18, 1641 in New Amsterdam. They had two daughters, Sytie born in 1642, and Engeltie born in 1646. On March 12, 1647, Laurens obtained a lot in Manhattan on the south side of Prince Street and about 50 feet from Broad Street. The house he built was the first one on Prince Street. On March 22, 1651, he purchased a plantation on the west side of Mespeth Kill, Long Island, ?opposite to Richard Brudenel.?

Laurens' name appeared as sponsor for baptisms of several Norwegians in New Amsterdam from 1641 to 1663. It is unknown when he died.

1. Sytie Pietersen ? B. 1642, New Amsterdam, New Netherlands; M. Barent Joosten, 12 Dec 1658

2. Engeltie Louwerens ? B. 1646, New Amsterdam, New Netherlands; M. Jan Cornelissen Van Cleef (1628-?), about 1661

Scandinavian immigrants in New York, 1630-1674, K.C. Holter, 1916
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