The Diamond Cutter ? Joseph Margetts

The Diamond Cutter ? Joseph Margetts

B. about 1593 in England
M. (1) about 1614 in Utrecht, Netherlands
Wife: Anna Van Weerdenburch
M. (2) 31 Mar 1635 in Amsterdam, Netherlands
Wife: Geeruijt Jacobs Van Drielenburch
D. May 1675 in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Joseph Margetts was said to be from London, but may have actually been from Northamptonshire, England. He was born in about 1593. In about 1614, he left his native country to move to Holland. For the rest of his life he lived amongst the Dutch; this was probably for religious reasons, but have also been that he pursued a career as a diamond cutter and wanted to work where jobs were more plentiful.

In about 1614, Joesph married Anna Van Weerdenburch in Utrecht. They had nine children born between 1614 and 1635. The family moved to Amsterdam around 1622 and Anna died probably in early 1635. Joseph then married Geeruijt Jacobs Van Drielenburch on March 31, 1635. They had a daughter born in 1639.

Joseph saw three of his children move to very faraway places. Daughter Catharina married a man named Adrian Hegeman and they migrated to the Dutch colony in North America. Oldest son Joris went to the Dutch colony in Brazil in about 1636. And both Joris and youngest son Joseph ventured to what is now Jakarta, Indonesia some time during the years 1648 to 1664.

Back in Amsterdam, Joseph was listed as a diamond cutter in the 1646 Register of Citizens. He was a member of the English Reformed Chruch in Amsterdam and was listed in their membership lists for every year between 1622 and 1674. He died in May 1675 and was buried May 27th at Noorderkerk (North Church), Amsterdam.

Children (by Anna Van Weerdenburch):
1. Joris Margetts ? B. about 1614, Utrecht, Netherlands

2. Elisabeth Margetts ? B. about 1616, Utrecht, Netherlands; M. John Sanders, 19 Sep 1647, Amsterdam, Netherlands

3. Maria Margetts ? B. about 1618, Utrecht, Netherlands

4. Machtelje Margetts ? B. about 1620, Utrecht, Netherlands; D. 1681; M. Pieter Pieters, 19 Apr 1648, Sloterdyk, Netherlands

5. Lambertje Margetts ? B. about 1622, Utrecht, Netherlands; M. Cornelis Willemse Hospronck

6. Catherina Margetts ? B.1625, Amsterdam, Netherlands; D. 1690, New York; M. Adrian Hegeman (~1624-1672), 7 Mar 1649, Amsterdam, Netherlands

7. Anna Margetts ? B. about 1627, Amsterdam, Netherlands; D. before 1639

8. Joseph Margetts ? B. about 1629, Amsterdam, Netherlands; D. about 1664, East Indies

9. Sarah Margetts ? B. 1635, Amsterdam, Netherlands; M. Jacob de Meijne

Children (by Geeruijt Jacobs Van Drielenburch):
1. Anne Margetts ? B. 1639, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Genealogy website of John Blythe Dobson, which cites many sources

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