A Child Not Her Husband's ? Madeleine Dubois

A Child Not Her Husband's ? Madeleine Dubois

B. about 1640 in La Rochelle, France
M. 19 Oct 1661 in Quebec City, Quebec
Husband: Michel Baugis
D. 5 Mar 1721 in Beauport, Quebec
Emigrated: 1661

Madeleine Dubois was born in La Rochelle, France in about 1640 to Isaac Dubois and Anne Richer. Isaac was a "master wool comber." Nothing else is known of Madeleine's family.

In 1661, Madeleine traveled on her own to Quebec, offering herself as a marriageable woman. Upon arrival, she seems to have gotten involved with two men. One was Michel Baugis, whom she married on October 19th. The other was Jean Royer, by whom she became pregnant. When Madeleine gave birth to her first child on February 7, 1662, Jean Royer was named as the father on the birth record even though she had married Michel Baugis. The child was a girl and she took the name of her step-father ? Marie-Madeleine Baugis. Michel and Madeleine went on to have six children of their own born between 1663 and 1679.

Jean Royer went on to marry another woman, Marie Targer, who arrived in Quebec two years later amongst the first ships carrying the King's Daughters, women who were paid to migrate to Quebec and marry men there. He would have seven children with his wife, but died in 1675 at the age of 40.

Madeleine and Michel settled in Beauport and were listed in the 1681 census as having "30 arpents of land under cultivation." They lived a long life there. In 1711, the couple drew up a document that signed their property over to a grandson in return for having him care for them in their old age. Michel died on November 26, 1717 and Madeleine died March 5, 1721.

Children by Jean Royer:
1.  Marie-Madeleine Baugis ? B. 7 Feb 1662, Beauport, Quebec; D. Mar 1743, Beauport, Quebec; M. Jacques Menard dit Deslauriers (~1638-1716), 28 Nov 1680

Children by Michel Baugis:
1. Jean Baugis ? B. about Aug 1683, Quebec City, Quebec

2. Marguerite Baugis ? B. about Jul 1666, Beauport, Quebec; M. Pierre Parent

3. Marie-Anne Baugis ? B. about Feb 1669, Beauport, Quebec

4. Louise Baugis ? B. about Nov 1672, Beauport, Quebec

5. Jeanne Baugis ? B. about 1675

6. Michel Baugis ? B.about 1679, Beauport, Quebec

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