Attacked by the Landlord ? Marie Morin

Attacked by the Landlord ? Marie Morin

B. about 1646 in Paris, France
M. (1) before 1665 in France
Husband: Paul Houdan
M. (2) 15 Nov 1665 in Beauport, Quebec
Husband: Étienne Dauphin
M. (3) 10 Aug 1694 in Beauport, Quebec
Husband: Pierre Chaignon
D. 9 Feb 1729 in Quebec City, Quebec
Emigrated: 1665

Marie Morin was born in Paris in about 1646 to François Morin and Charlotte Roulant. While still a teen, Marie married a man named Paul Houdan, who soon left her widowed. In 1665 at age 19, Marie signed up to migrate to Quebec as a King's Daughter, an arrangement by the government to help bring more women to the colony. With this deal, Marie's passage was paid for, and if she married a Quebec man, she would receive 50 livres as a dowry.

Marie found a husband soon after landing. On November 15, 1665 she married Étienne Dauphin in Beauport. Neither of them could sign their names. Étienne was likely a soldier in the Carignan Regiment, the French military force that had been sent over to secure Quebec. Marie and Étienne settled at Beauport and had eight children born between 1666 and 1682.

In 1688, Marie "got into a dispute" with their landlord, Jean de Rainville. There was some physical violence inflicted on Marie by the man and she was beaten badly enough that she had to go to Quebec City for treatment, staying with Abel Sagot dit LaForge. The dispute likely involved the lease agreement between Étienne and Rainville, which had been set up by Rainville's father. The matter was settled out of court with Rainville paying Étienne 135 livres for "the land he had already sown," and also footing the bill for Marie's medical expenses from the beating.

Étienne died after a short illness at Hotel-Dieu in Quebec on August 31, 1693. Marie married a third husband, Pierre Chaignon on August 10, 1694; they had no children and he died November 19, 1708. Marie lived to the advanced age of 83 and died on February 9, 1729 at Hospital General de Quebec. She was buried the following day.

Children (all by Étienne Dauphin):

1. René Dauphin ? B. about Oct 1666, Beauport, Quebec

2. Marie Dauphin ? B. about Feb 1668, Beauport, Quebec

3. Étienne Dauphin ? B. about Jan 1670, Beauport, Quebec

4. Michel Dauphin ? B. about Dec 1671, Beauport, Quebec

5. Marie Dauphin ? B. about Oct 1673, Beauport, Quebec; D. about 1686; M. Jean Giroux (~1664-?), 8 Feb 1685, Quebec

6. Marie-Therese Dauphin ? B. 8 Sep 1674, Beauport, Quebec; D. May 1732; M. Toussaint Giroux (1672-1750), 15 Nov 1690, Beauport, Quebec

7. Jean Dauphin ? B. about 1678, Beauport, Quebec

8. Marie-Catherine Dauphin ? B. Dec 1682, Beauport, Quebec; D. Dec 1682, Beauport, Quebec

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