Jesus: A Biography from a Believer.

Jesus: A Biography from a Believer.

Jesus: A Biography from a Believer. Review

The definitive life of Jesus from the bestselling author of A History of Christianity.

Few figures have had such an influence on the world as Jesus of Nazareth. Paul Johnson's brilliant and powerful reading of Jesus' life at once captures his transfiguring message and his historical complexity. With a superb historian's command of his subject, a masterly writer's love of language, and a believer's passion, Johnson presents a lucid and deeply moving biography of a man whose life changed the course of history. Jesus offers readers a succinct yet lively account of the man who inspired one of the world's great religions and whose lessons still guide us today.

- John Bunyan
John Bunyan (November 28, 1628 ? August 31, 1688), a Christian writer and preacher, was born at Harrowden (one mile south-east of Bedford), in the Parish of Elstow, England. He wrote The Pilgrim's Progress, arguably the most famous published Christian...

- Biography Jallaludin Rumi
For some, especially among lovers of poetry, a lover of literature and the Islamic historians. Rumi Jallaludin name 'must be familiar. He is a scholar 'large, the Sufi and also a poet. Along with Sheikh Hisamuddin also, Rumi develop or Maulawiyah...

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Ordia CliffordOrdia Ahimienmona  Clifford  was born on May 19, 1960 in Usugbenu, Irrua , in Esan Central Local Government Area of Edo state. He had his Secondary Education at Esan Grammer School, Uromi in Edo State and proceeded to Ambrose Alli...

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Bemigho Reno Omokri, was born on January 22, 1974 to Helen Bemigho a civil servant and Justice Jean Omokri a justice of the Nigerian Court of Appeals. He is a Nigerian Lawyer, called to Bar in the year 2000. He studied for his LL.M in the University...

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Funsho Kupolokun Funsho Kupolokun Born in 1947.He studied at the University of Lagos where he obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in  Mechanical Engineering as a Shell scholar in 1971.  After his graduation, hejoined Shell BP production...