90 Years in Massachusetts Colony ? Joshua Boynton

90 Years in Massachusetts Colony ? Joshua Boynton

B. 10 Mar 1646 in Rowley, Massachusetts
M. (1) 9 Apr 1678 in Newbury, Massachusetts
Wife: Hannah Barnet (possibly Burnet or Burnap)
M. (2) 29 Nov 1723 in (probably) Rowley, Massachusetts
Wife: Mary Syles
M. (3) 30 Oct 1728 in Haverhill, Massachusetts
Wife: Mary (Williams) Boynton
D. 12 Nov 1736 in Haverhill, Massachusetts

Joshua Boynton was born in Rowley, Massachusetts on March 10, 1646 to William Boynton and Elizabeth Jackson. He was the middle child of seven. Joshua married Hannah Barnet (possibly Burnet or Burnap) on April 9, 1678 in Newbury, Massachusetts. Between 1679 and about 1686, they had five children. Joshua was said to be a carpenter. In 1673, his father gave him a 100 acre farm in Newbury, and it was said that he kept this farm for 50 years.

On May 21, 1669, Joshua was a witness to an attack on the wife of one of his friends. He testified in court that he and two brothers named Nathaniel and Jonathan Gage were in the upstairs of Jonathan's house when they heard a man named James Murfee harass, then attack Jonathan's wife Hester downstairs. Murfee was convicted and sentenced to be "severely whipped" and also to pay Jonathan Gage £5.

Joshua served under Major Appleton during King Philip's War, participating in action at Quaboag, Springfield, Narrangansett and Marlboro. He was present at the battle where Captain Brocklebank was "slain by the Indians in April 1676." Joshua filed a petition after the war to be paid for his service, also mentioning that he "lost a coat" while he was a soldier.

On January 12, 1722, Joshua's wife Hannah died. He married again, a widow named Mary Syles, on November 29, 1723. She died on July 28, 1728, and Joshua took a third wife, Mary (Williams) Boynton, widow of his cousin, on October 30, 1728 in Haverhill, Massachusetts.

Joshua died in Haverhill on November 12, 1736, having reached the age of 90. Around this time, land in the township of Narrangansett was awarded for those who served in King Philip's War, and Joshua's lot went to his son William.

Children by Hannah Barnet (or Burnet or Burnap):
1. Joshua Boynton ? B. 4 May 1679, Newbury, Massachusetts; D. 29 Oct 1770; M. Mary Dole, May 1708

2. John Boynton ? B. 15 Jul 1682, Newbury, Massachusetts; M. Jemima Worchester, Nov 1717

3. Zachariah Boynton ? B. before 1690, Newbury, Massachusetts; D. 30 Dec 1750, Coventry, Connecticut; M. Sarah Wicom (1688-?), 15 Nov 1715, Newbury, Massachusetts

4. William Boynton ? B. 26 May 1690, Newbury, Massachusetts; M. Joanna Stephens, Nov 1713

5. Hannah Boynton ? B. about 1696; M. (1) John Dresser, 2 Apr 1724; (2) Thomas Johnson

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