A Tailor and Sexton in Canada ? William Pepperell

A Tailor and Sexton in Canada ? William Pepperell

B. 1764 in Durnford, England
M. 28 Dec 1790 in Durnford, England
Wife: Mary Browne
D. 23 Jan 1841 in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
Emigrated: 1809

William Pepperell was born in 1764 in Durnford, England, a village in Wiltshire county, but nothing is known of his family. On December 28, 1790, he married Mary Browne. They had five daughters and one son born in Durnford.

In 1809, the family boarded a ship bound for Canada. They settled in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, where two more daughters were born. William was by trade a tailor, but devoted considerable time to duties with the local Anglican church, St. Paul's. He was a sexton, and "laid many to rest" in the main cemetery in town.

A column written in a Charlottetown magazine in 1899 recalled that the house William lived in was long and low, and built of clay. The article stated, "The walls were thick and bore the appearance of some rude structure which existed in England in the time of the Druids."

Mary died on August 28, 1838, and William died on January 23, 1841. They were buried in Elm Cemetery in Charlottetown.

1. Sarah Pepperell ? M. James Foster, 2 Jan 1813

2. Hannah Pepperell ? M. James Marshall

3. Mary Pepperell ? B. about 1797; D. 11 Nov 1860, South Rustico, Prince Edward Island; M. William Craswell (~1788-1862), 25 Oct 1818

4. Rebecca Pepperell ? B. 1798, St. Albans, England; D. 17 Dec 1868, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island; M. Job Bevan (1793-1862), before 1820

5. Marie Pepperell ? B. Dec 1803, Bristol, England; M. Patrick Callahan

6. William Pepperell ? B. 1805; D. 18 Oct 1825, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

7. Louisa Pepperell ? B. 31 Dec 1809, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

8. Lucy Pepperell ? B. 4 Apr 1812, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island; M. Theophilus Desbrissay Rodd (1819-1851), 6 May 1841, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

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