Biography STEVE JOBS (Apple)

Biography STEVE JOBS (Apple)

1976, along with his partner Steve Wozniak, Jobs's new 21-year-old start-founded Apple Computer Co.. in the garage owned by his family. With great difficulty raising capital obtained by selling their goods the most valuable, the effort began. Their first computer, Apple sold 1 of their work as much as 50 units to a local store. In recent years, their business flourished enough so that in 1983, John Sculley Jobs hook from Pepsi Cola to lead the company. So far, Apple Computer reap success and growing influence plugged in the computer industry especially with the launch of the Macintosh. However, in 1985, after a conflict with Sculley, the company decided to dismiss their founder, Steve Jobs himself is.

After selling its shares, Jobs undergoing tremendous sadness spend more time with cycling, and travel to Europe. However, not long after that, the dismissal was apparently just brought a new spirit for him. He also started a new business is a computer company, NeXT and Pixar animation company. NeXT is actually very advanced in terms of the technology did not bring good results commercially. However, Pixar is a another success story thanks to the cold hands. Through Pixar, Jobs brought a new trend in the world of animated film along with the release of the film production and the next Toy Story Finding Nemo and The Incredibles.

After the Jobs and the strong dominance of IBM and Microsoft made Apple unable to compete and nearly sank. So, in 1997, Jobs was summoned back to fill the temporary leadership positions. With teknoligi designed to apply at NeXT, this time Apple back up with a variety of technologically advanced products like MacOS X, IMac and a phenomenal one is the iPod.

Steve Jobs success story teaches us that there is no instant success. rejection and failure are often colored our life journey, but do not let all that makes us stop.

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