Otto Hahn Biography

Otto Hahn Biography

Otto Hahn Biography
Full Name: Otto Hahn
Pet Name: Otto Hahn
Date of Birth: 8 March 1879
Born Place: Frankfurt am Main,Hesse-Nassau, Prussia,German Empire
Education: University of Marburg
Date of Died: 28 July 1968 (Aged 89)
Died Place: Göttingen, West Germany
Nationality: German
Home: Germany
Profession: Chemist And Scientist
Spouse: Edith Junghans (1913-1968)
Alma mater: University of Marburg
Invention: Discovery of radioactive elements (1905–1921)
                  Radioactive recoil (1909)
                  Fajans–Paneth–Hahn Law Protactinium (1917)
                  Nuclear isomerism (1921)
                  Applied Radiochemistry (1936)
                  Nuclear fission (1938)
Fields: Radiochemistry And Nuclear Chemistry
Academic advisors: Theodor Zincke
Notable Students: Roland Lindner
                               Walter Seelmann-Eggebert
                               Fritz Strassmann
                               Karl Erik Zimen
                               Hans-Joachim Born
                               Hans Götte,
                               Siegfried Flügge
                               Nikolaus Riehl
Notable Awards: Emil Fischer Medal (1919)
                            Cannizzaro Prize (1939)
                            Copernicus Prize (1941)
                            Nobel Prize in Chemistry (1944)
                            Max Planck Medal (1949)
                            Paracelsus Medal (1952)
                            Henri Becquerel Medal (1952)
                            Pour le Mérite (1952)
                            Faraday Lectureship Prize (1956)
                            Hugo Grotius Medal (1958)
                            Légion d'Honneur (1959)
                            Enrico Fermi Prize (1966)

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